Baumgartenstraße 93

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Baumgartenstrasse 93 is a private residential building, including an office, laboratories and residential space.

Baumgartenstraße 93

The building is located in the 14th district of Vienna (“Penzing”) and it represents the Central European centenary buildings that were not destroyed during the war. It is privately owned and in need of substantial refurbishment.

Main targets are to demonstrate the feasibility of HOUSEFUL services co-created by stakeholders and offered to the users (and possibly the neighbours) of the building, while at the same time reducing the energy demand of the building, and closing water and nutrient cycles by recovering water and nutrients from waste water and organic waste.

This will be achieved via structural modifications concerning pipe installations, roof structure, façade change, integration of winter gardens, and modifications in the garden. Main HOUSEFUL solutions will also involve the use of circular materials to almost passive house standards, but including new functionalities on facades and roof such as nature based solutions for waste-water treatment. The energy intake after the renovation will be done with photovoltaic and burning of biogas, with the biogas being directly produced in the building from organic waste materials. The waste water will be treated in plant-based treatment systems and the dissolved nutrients further used for fertilisation in urban farming applications.

The overall of proposed solutions will provide new opportunities to advance in this building’s circularity, previously developing an innovative method for this calculation (S1). These solutions will be based on new methodologies for stakeholder engagement (S2) and co-creation on materials (S3, S4), water (S6), waste (S7, S8, S9) and energy resources (S10, S11).