Spreading the voice of circular houses in the Balkans

Notas de prensa - 25 Oct 2018

The HOUSEFUL project was presented at the 15th International Phytotechnology Conference in Serbia

Johannes Kisser and Galya Taneva (alchemia-nova) with the poster on HOUSEFUL they presented at the 15th International Phytotechnology Conference.

alchemia-nova, member of the HOUSEFUL Consortium, presented a poster on the project at the session “Innovative circular solutions and services with nature‐based solutions for new buildings and refurbishments” of the 15th International Phytotechnology Conference (Oct 1-5, 2018).

The event was hosted by the Institute of Lowland Forestry of the University of Novi Sad (Serbia), which organised it together with the International Phytotechonology Society. Goal of these conferences is to bring together experts in the realm of phytotechnology, the field of using plants to implement solutions to scientific and engineering problems.

The interest in the HOUSEFUL’s project among the visitors was very high, and the potential of the technologies developed by the project well recognised. Such a successful presentation at an international event underscores the potential of the HOUSEFUL’s approach to resonate on a global scale, hence leading to positive and long-lasting impacts on our lives.

Cover image from Wikimedia Commons