The dialogue with stakeholders continues in Demo Building “El bloc del Mestres” in Spain

Actualizaciones del proyecto - 05 May 2022

Last April, the HOUSEFUL partners Agència de l'Habitatge de Catalunya , LEITAT and WE&B organized a workshop to update some stakeholders on the implementation of their co-creation ideas in the Demo Building.

In April, HOUSEFUL partners Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya, LEITAT and WE&B organised a meeting with key stakeholders of the “El bloc del Mestres” in Sabadell, Barcelona – the Campoamor Neighbourhood association and the Sabadell City Council.

The meeting allowed stakeholders to see how the building renovation was progressing and how their own previous ideas had been taken into account. It was all a way to keep stakeholders part of the project.

As the starting point for the renovation was an existing building, the key issues discussed with future tenants and the school were the choice and location of the HOUSEFUL solutions. The meeting therefore allowed their stakeholders’ concerns to be addressed and it assessed the next steps for the project partners.

This demo building still does not have dwellers. Sabadell City Council is in the process of selecting the inhabitants from the emergency housing list together with regular social renting.

The solutions cover four areas: materials, water, energy and waste.

  • For materials and waste, a materials passport is being developed, and the roof and façade are being renewed with local and recycled materials to enhance the thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • For water, the collection of black, grey and rainwater in some apartments has been segregated in order to recover 90% of grey water and 95% of rainwater. It is expected to obtain 1500 l/day, not potable but suitable for sanitary use and plant watering.
  • The energy solutions include improved isolation of the building with more sustainable materials and ensuring energy efficiency/production with the incorporation of a solar thermic energy production system.

This demo building is assigned to social housing. The Campoamor neighbourhood has a high migration percentage and a low socioeconomic profile. In general, the level of awareness and interest showed for sustainability is low as other priorities are of more importance for these people. This creates a great opportunity for a project such as Houseful to boost the adoption and awareness of the circular economic model at all social levels.


(Photo Credits: We&B)