EU Circular Businesses Conference

Brussels, Belgium - 26 Oct 18

Advancing Europe from a linear to a circular economy - A crucial need for the planet, a formidable source of growth, business and jobs for Europe

The Circular Businesses Conference aims to promote a broad mobilization of stakeholders from the primary, industry and services sectors, together with the public actors and the citizens around the challenges and the opportunities created by the development of a “circular economy”.

A shift from a “take, make, consume and dispose” model into a circular model, in line with the constraints of resource availability and preservation of sustainable living conditions, will involve all the economic actors: product designers, manufacturing industries, product distributors, repair and reuse sector, and recycling and disposal industry.

WHEN 26 Oct 2018

WHERE Charlemagne Building – European Commission
Rue de la Loi 170
Brussels, 1040 Belgium