HOUSEFUL Newsletter 1

04 Apr 2019

Welcome to the first issue of HOUSEFUL newsletter

Dear reader,

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the first issue of HOUSEFUL’s newsletter, a series that will keep you up to date with our project.

I am often asked to explain what HOUSEFUL is. When trying to answer, I realise how difficult it is to embrace all its peculiar aspects with just one answer. But what I always say is that to me, HOUSEFUL is more than the sum of sixteen partners from eight countries and designing twelve innovative solutions for the management of waste, water, energy and material resources along the entire housing value chain. More than a European project whose results are being demonstrated in two of the continent’s most important cities, namely Barcelona and Vienna. To me, it is the possibility to foster the global adoption of the circular approach in one of the most environmentally harmful aspects of our society: buildings, edifices and our own homes. To me, it is a concrete chance to protect our planet.

HOUSEFUL is still young. Less than a year has passed since we met to kick it off in May 2018. But the first months have been very fruitful, with many good news to report!

Work has been done to identify and map HOUSEFUL’s main stakeholder groups, in order to understand their needs and take them into account throughout the whole project. We have also worked on the development of a set of indicators for the analysis of the building’s circularity, as well as on 3D Building Information Modelling and material passports. Last but not least, we have performed many lab tests, such as those on grey- and blackwater treatment for water reuse and energy valorisation. And new results are coming soon!

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And now it is time to sit back, relax and have a glimpse of our collection of news, which you are welcome to share with all your relatives, friends and colleagues.

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Enjoy your reading!

Sergio Martinez
HOUSEFUL project coordinator
LEITAT Technological Center