Talking to the cluster

Press releases - 08 Mar 2019

HOUSEFUL and its solutions have been presented at a workshop organised by the Catalan Energy Efficiency Cluster

On the 25th of February, Daniel Checa, researcher in sustainability at LEITAT, presented the HOUSEFUL project during a workshop organised by the Catalan Energy Efficiency Cluster. The workshop focussed on efficient buildings and gathered members of the cluster such as companies, research organizations and technology centres.

During his presentation, Checa explained how HOUSEFUL will improve circularity in the building sector, thus making buildings more efficient. He also presented the 11 solutions articulated around 5 vectors (holistic, materials, water, waste, energy) and how these can be replicated in other buildings to be built or in need for refurbishment. The event was also the occasion for members to network and exchange experience in the field of energy efficiency.

My intervention was very useful in a bi-directional way”, Checa says. “Firstly, spreading the voice about our project is crucial to make it achieve greater impacts, especially at events on efficient building. Secondly, it was great to receive inputs from Catalan institutions as well as from different companies working in the housing sector and pursuing the development of efficient and circular buildings.