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Dear reader,

the past months have been difficult and challenging and I hope that you and your beloved ones stay healthy!
It has not been an easy time for HOUSEFUL either. For example, we had to temporarily suspend the work at our demo-buildings and postpone and hold online some of our co-creation workshops, aiming to discuss and validate ideas for the uptake of circularity in the housing sector.
Despite the difficulties experienced in the past months, we didn’t stay idle, of course! We have advanced on multiple fronts, such as on the development of a Building Circularity Methodology, its implementation in our Software as a Service platform, or on BIM modelling and material passports. So, no worries, our commitment to design circular buildings and create a more sustainable housing sector has remained unchanged!
But now let me thank you once again for your interest in our project and invite you to take a closer look at the latest news from the world of HOUSEFUL.
Enjoy your reading!

Sergio Martinez
HOUSEFUL project coordinator
LEITAT Technological Center
Dr. Sergio Martínez Lozano (LEITAT Technological Center and HOUSEFUL project coordinator) gives a one-and-a-half minute introduction to the world of HOUSEFUL and its mission to boost circularity in our buildings.
Co-creating in Austria and Catalonia

The EU project HOUSEFUL has completed its first set of workshops with housing sector experts from Austria and the Barcelona area.
The HOUSEFUL stakeholder map

How are our stakeholders connected?
This interactive map displays the stakeholders in the Housing Sector and Circular Economy in Catalonia and Vienna.
Designing circular buildings during the lockdown

The HOUSEFUL consortium met online to take stock of their most recent results and plan the next steps towards the realisation of circular buildings
Measuring circularity

A webinar organised by HOUSEFUL partner Housing Europe shed light on the many different available approaches to assess the circularity level of buildings and lead to a more sustainable housing sector
HOUSEFUL twitter account
HOUSEFUL website
HOUSEFUL YouTube channel
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