HOUSEFUL Newsletter 2

Newsletters - 10 Dec 2019

Welcome to the second issue of our project newsletter!

Dear reader,

Just like a youngster growing stronger each passing day, HOUSEFUL is very active and full of energy. Over the past months, the consortium kept working hard on the development of the HOUSEFUL solutions, with very promising results! These range from tests on blackwater and biowaste for biogas production at laboratory scale (and potentially at building scale) to the development of nature-based solutions. Need a quick refresh on all HOUSEFUL solutions? You can always find them on this page on our project website!

Of course, we shall not forget our non-technical actions. For example, in the past months we have worked on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Material Passports of our Frontrunner buildings, and launched the CCHE (Collaborative Community of Housing Expert) Board, driven by our project partner Housing Europe. What’s the goal of the CCHE Board? To engage ten additional demo-sites to replicate the HOUSEFUL approach and solutions throughout Europe. If you are a professional in the housing sector, you’re welcome to participate!

Replication is crucial for the uptake of a more sustainable approach in buildings. One of the secrets in this regard are the co-creation activities carried out by HOUSEFUL, both internally among partners and externally with stakeholders, which provide valuable inputs for the final definition and development of our solutions. It is in this spirit that we have recently released a call-to-action video (see also the versions in Spanish, Catalan and German): the goal is to invite policy makers, architects, construction companies and citizens to join our co-creation workshops and socially validate the HOUSEFUL services.

And remember to check out this inspiring video on an upcycling workshop in Vienna, during which a diverse group of refugees helped bring old furniture back to life.

But time is a valuable resource and I do not want to take too much of yours! So please let me thank you again for following our project and invite you to explore our rich collection of stories from the world of HOUSEFUL!

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Enjoy your reading!

Sergio Martinez
HOUSEFUL project coordinator
LEITAT Technological Center