Reference methodologies and KPIs in circular economy analysis

PDF 2.75 MB - 28 Jul 2020

Establishment of the most relevant calculation methodologies and KPIs to be considered in the circular economy analysis to be deployed during the project. The technically pre-selected KPIs will be then considered when engaging stakeholders in task 3.1., as well as for the circular economy baseline evaluation (D4.3) and for the validation of HOUSEFUL solutions at building scale (D4.6).


Social engagement strategy for the co-creation of HOUSEFUL solutions as new services

PDF 1.59 MB - 28 Jul 2020

A detailed review on the stakeholders’ identification and analysis process for the different CEBOs and DEMO locations will be done. Definition of the social engagement strategy that will assure proper co-creation actions during the project, establishing a clear roadmap for Tasks 3.2, as well as defining the basis for the demonstration of S2 solution. This deliverable is related to Task 3.1.


Circular economy audit: Baseline calculation

PDF 2.73 MB - 28 Jul 2020

This Deliverable reports the results of an exhaustive circular economy audit on the initial status of the four Frontrunner buildings in the four targeted vectors (i.e. water, waste, energy, materials) and in four dimensions (i.e. technological, social, environmental, economic), considering the identified KPIs and calculation methods.


BIM models and material passport of the Spanish and Austrian demos

PDF 11.66 MB - 28 Jul 2020

D4.3 will present a detailed review of the inventory of used materials of the four Frontrunner buildings considering both material passport strategies, the definition of deconstruction plans for afterlife applications and the BIM modelling for the demo sites.



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