The HOUSEFUL project forges ahead in the building sector

Project's updates - 31 Aug 2021

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the HOUSEFUL project pushes on towards the emergence of a circular economy in the building sector.

Against the challenging backdrop of the Covid pandemic, we’ve still been able to build a first version of the SaaS platform to be completed with innovative functionalities very soon, organise co-creation workshops, refine the BIM model and work on other project goals. The show must go on and so must HOUSEFUL!

Therefore, over the past months we’ve striven to develop the SaaS platform which will offer two features: a tool to quantify the circularity level of residential buildings and an interactive sharing platform to encourage housing sector stakeholders to co-create circular economy business opportunities (CEBOs). This solution will be applied showing those service demonstrated in the four HOUSEFUL Demo Buildings as reference for the new CEBOs: “El bloc dels Mestres” and “San Quirze – Ronda Arraona 30” in Spain, and “Kasernenstrasse – Cambium Community Center” and “Donaufelderstrasse” in Austria.

In parallel, we organised four co-creation workshops to prepare the market entry of the Houseful solutions. The first workshop was on the Intellectual property rights (IPR) management to categorize project results and co-build an IPR strategy; the second was based on the opportunity to co-analyse with participants the impact of the HOUSEFUL solutions on the linear business models of local stakeholders. The third one was an innovative exploitation workshop to co-design the first axes of the commercialization strategy of the HOUSEFUL solutions; finally, the fourth was a Multi-Level Perspective workshop during which participants analysed the status quo and the macro environment in order to build a market entry strategy for each the niche HOUSEFUL innovations.

In addition, BIM models and Material Passports have been developed for the four mentioned Frontrunner buildings, providing key and important data for the development of other project tasks and key actions.

Finally, as anticipated in this previous newsrelease, since last july  it is possible to start implementing the HOUSEFUL solutions in Cambium Leben in Gemeinschaft, where one of the four HOUSEFUL demo buildings is located.

HOUSEFUL is keep going and working towards the successful demonstration of innovative solutions in the building sector. Are you interested in them? Join us and be part of HOUSEFUL network!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay