Webinar Series | From water polluters to water providers. Green buildings and the social impact challenge.

Project's updates - 27 Feb 2023

This webinar hosted by alchemia–nova and LEITAT, featuring Aqua Publica Europea as a special guest, aims to examine the legal, economic, technical, and social situation for wastewater reclamation and reuse.

As part of the EU-funded Houseful project, alchemia-nova and LEITAT hosted a webinar that offered an overview of the legal, economic, technical, and social situation and framework for wastewater reclamation and reuse.

This webinar was specifically focused on Spain and Austria, where the Houseful Demo-buildings are situated, and thereby represent novel opportunities, challenges, and requirements for future circular buildings. Technically and legally, many solutions are basically ready to be implemented on a wider scale. However, there are still some economic and social barriers related to the promotion of nature-based solutions for water treatment and reuse. It is especially important to involve all stakeholders in decision-making processes and communicate the benefits of nature-based solutions, including improved health, environmental protection, and increased resource security.

The panelists were Dr. Marco Hartl (alchemia–nova) and Dr. Ainhoa Gaudes (LEITAT).

Dr. Milo Fiasconaro also attended as a special guest. He is the Executive Director of Aqua Publica Europea, the European Association of Public Water operators.

Dr. Fiasconaro discussed, together with alchemia–nova and LEITAT, the opportunities and challenges of nature-based solutions for wastewater treatment in buildings.

Discover the Agenda (all times in CET)

5:00 – 5:05 PM: Welcoming address

5:05 – 5:10 PM: Introduction to the webinar

5:10 – 5: 20 PM: Nature-based solutions for water purification and reuse

5:20 – 5:30 PM: The potential of water reuse legislation changes in the face of water scarcity 

5:30 – 5:55 PM: Q&A

5:55 – 6:00 PM: Event closing.

Get to know our panelists

Dr. Ainhoa Gaudes, Ph.D.

Dr. Gaudes is a Biology graduate with a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Barcelona, whose research focuses on the role of biota in the functional processes of Mediterranean rivers and streams. She specializes in bioindication issues in wastewater treatment plants and has 5 years of experience in a specialized laboratory. She is currently a principal investigator at LEITAT, managing projects related to Nature-Based Solutions applied to water in the Circular Economy department. Here is her LinkedIn profile.

Dr. Marco Hartl, Ph.D.

Dr. Hartl (PhD., MSc. in Ecological Engineering) has been working and conducting research in the field of Constructed Wetlands (CWs) for wastewater treatment and reuse for over a decade, both in academia and in the industry. He finished his PhD in mid 2020 and since then has been part of alchemia-nova working on nature-based solutions (NBS) such as CWs and green walls in several projects, including HOUSEFUL where he acts as technical coordinator and project manager. Here is his LinkedIn profile.

Get to know our guest speaker

Dr. Milo Fiasconaro

Dr. Milo Fiasconaro has been the Executive Director of Aqua Publica Europea – the European Association of Public Water Operators – since 2012. Prior to that, he worked for local public authorities, specifically in the field of innovation, local development, and environmental policies. He has extensive knowledge of EU policies and of their implication for local governance. He holds a research master’s degree in Human Geography from Durham University (UK) and a degree in Political Science from the University of Florence (Italy). Here is his LinkedIn profile.