How we helped the inhabitants of the two Spanish demo buildings to adopt a sustainable approach

Project's updates - 17 Apr 2023

Inhabitants from demo sites in Sabadell and Sant Quirze de Vallés learned about sustainable behavior and how to use the Houseful facilities properly at the last training workshops.

At the end of March, as part of Houseful’s co-creation activities, two training workshops were held for the tenants of the two Spanish Houseful demo sites, managed by AHC in a public housing rental model.

The aim of these workshops was to show what sustainable behavior really means, to explain how to use the Houseful facilities in the buildings properly, and to allay any concerns.

The workshops were managed by Leitat, Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya, and WE&B. In addition, a training guide has been produced for the tenants at each building for those who could not attend.

The workshops reported on the current situation in their building with respect to Houseful solutions. For example, in Sant Quirze del Vallès, the works of the insulating façade are now finished.

Then, the tenants completed a small exercise to identify the water, electricity, and gas consumption systems in their homes. And finally, a review of sustainable habits in the home was offered, as well as tips on how to lower their bills.

For the final activity, tenants brought along their water and electricity bills so that they could have help in understanding what they were paying for and why.

The attendees keenly participated in the workshop and became more aware of how to use less water and energy at home and how to adopt a proactive role in going green.


(Photo Credits: We&B)