Materialising the future of sustainable housing, co-creatively

Project's updates - 31 Aug 2022

During the last co-creation workshop, residents and local actors put heads together to validate the co-creation process in the demo building in Sant Quirze del Vallès.

In early July, the HOUSEFUL partners Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya, LEITAT, AIGUASOL and WE&B, organized the third (and last!) co-creation workshop titled “Materializing the future of sustainable housing’.

Its objective was to involve local actors and tenants to validate the co-creative process of the HOUSEFUL project, to better understand the implications of incorporating circular solutions on a day-to-day basis, and to identify needs and barriers relating to the incorporation of these.

During this workshop three co-creation ideas have been discussed in the demo building of Sant Quirze del Vallès:

  • Visualization and communication of benefits of HOUSEFUL solutions to connect them with problems and motivations of inhabitants;
  • Training protocol for the use and maintenance of solutions to guarantee the implication of inhabitants;
  • Guide for the co-management of shared HOUSEFUL solutions to integrate the user in the use and maintenance phase, involving inhabitants to identify their needs related to the functioning of the solutions.

The workshop was a part of an event organized together with the partners of the European project Plug-N-Harvest. This project uses the HOUSEFUL’s Demo Building in Sant Quirze del Vallès as a pilot too. Within the framework of PnH, a façade in the building has been renovated following high energy use reductions and high energy harvesting from renewable energy sources.

Participants of the workshop included representatives of each of the quadruple helix of stakeholders: the public entity INCASOL, owner of the building; the City Council of Sant Quirze del Vallès; the HOUSEFUL partners Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya, LEITAT, ITeC and AIGUASOL; EIG, partner of Plug-N-Harvest, and the neighbors of the Demo Building.

In this demo building, there are still implementation tasks to be carried out, such as training workshops on energy and water solutions.


Photo Credits: We&B