IRIS is an Advanced Engineering company specialized in Real-Time Monitoring solutions based on Photonics-based Process Analytical Technology (PAT) systems and Industrial Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Deep Learning) for data-driven process efficiencies and quality standardization in the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Bio-based and other process industries. IRIS also develops AI-enabled Cloud Platforms for digitizing value chains.

IRIS has two divisions:IRIS Commercialthat delivers B2B solutions and services to industry (serving a growing client base of blue chips and mid-caps from the farm to fork chain and the process industries), and IRIS Innovation Lab that works in an Open Innovation context to build new knowledge, knowhow and IP to fuel our innovation pipeline so that we can offer cutting edge solutions to industry via our Commercial Division.

IRIS is certified in ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 166002: Management Systems R&D&I certified.


Albert Torres
Project Manager