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In the last weeks Europe has been hit by the fourth wave of COVID-19; some countries, such as Austria and Germany, are strengthening the restrictions and other ones are evaluating which measures to take. Despite the difficult times, in the last months, the EU-funded HOUSEFUL project has been able to reach important results.
First of all, we have worked on the development of the SaaS platform. This will allow us to have both an instrument to quantify the circularity level of the residential buildings and an interactive platform to encourage the stakeholders of the building sector to co-create business opportunities in the circular economy. This solution will be applied showing those services demonstrated in the four HOUSEFUL Demo Buildings as reference for the new CEBOs.
Secondly, in the eco-village Cambium (Austria), one of the HOUSEFUL Demo Buildings, two new technologies can now be installed as part of the HOUSEFUL project: vertECO, an innovative water reuse system developed by our partner alchemia-nova and the Homebiogas system, which turns kitchen waste into cooking gas and fertilizer.

In the Bloc dels Mestres Demo Building, instead, last summer was installed manually a corkboard insulation, known as ETICS, that covers the existing envelope of the building and aims to stabilize the interior temperature.

Moreover, we have joined forces with other six EU-funded projects that, like HOUSEFUL, operate in the Circular economy sector: CINDERELA, CIRCuIT, CityLoops, COLOR CIRCLE, DRIVE 0, ICEBERG. In the next months, we are going to collaborate with them to share the respective results and maximize the impact of each project on society. We have also collaborated with the community of MADASTER to share the value of HOUSEFUL with the actors and stakeholders of the building sector.
I believe that you are looking forward to knowing more about all this. Enjoy your read and let me remind you to follow our Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to remain updated!

Carolina Carbò
HOUSEFUL project coordinator
LEITAT Technological Center
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