HOUSEFUL flies to Crete

Press releases - 17 Jul 2019

CARTIF presented the HOUSEFUL project at HERAKLION2019

Dolores Hidalgo during her intervention at HERAKLION2019.

Dolores Hidalgo, Director of the Circular Economy Area at the CARTIF technology center and member of the HOUSEFUL consortium, gave a presentation on biogas upgrading using micro-porous hollow fiber membrane contactors at HERAKLION2019, the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management. The event took place in Heraklion, Crete, from the 26th to the 29th of June 2019.

The HERAKLION2019 conference focused on the promotion of practices and technologies for a better and more sustainable management of modern solid waste. Concepts such as separation at source, waste-to-energy technologies, biowaste utilization, recycling promotion and many more were at the core of the event.

Special emphasis was placed on circular economy in all key action areas and all priority sectors, including here some aspects related to the HOUSEFUL project, such as food waste, biomass products and construction & demolition waste management. More than 650 abstracts have been submitted from all over the world, with the one from HOUSEFUL being accepted for an oral presentation.

Participating in HERAKLION2019 was an important experience, as it gave us the possibility to explain the goals and methodology of HOUSEFUL to many different groups of relevant stakeholders in the housing sector”, said Mrs Hidalgo after her oral presentation at the conference. “The promotion of HOUSEFUL is a key step to raise awareness on it and boost future, large-scale uptake of the approach our project is developing”.


Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash