Improvement of energy efficiency by active and passive solutions

Solution 10 proposes a service based on the improvement of energy efficiency using active and passive solutions. Passive solutions include façade isolation, roof isolation, energy-efficient windows, and the use of modular and more sustainable materials. The active solutions considered can range from solar thermal panels, shared photovoltaic systems, among others. Priority will be given to passive solutions applied to the building envelope to reduce the energy demand of buildings and increase the share of renewable energies, contributing to reach Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB).

Concerning the type of contract, active solutions are currently under discussion, but a leasing contract can be potentially considered. The service will also offer:

  • An initial evaluation of the feasibility of the energy solutions proposed.
  • Energy tips for dwellers to reduce their energy bills and to increase their comfort. For instance, how to use sunlight, shutters, blinds, how to ventilate, etc.

The best renewable systems to be installed according to the building characteristics, the end-user’s profiles and the national regulations and energy markets backgrounds.


Improvement of energy efficiency by active and passive solutions