Houseful Workshop Series | Digital Enablers for circularity in the built environment

Project's updates - 13 Nov 2022

ITeC and Turntoo, two Houseful partners, will demonstrate how digital technology can serve as an enabler to improve the circularity of materials, the building, and the entire process. The event is free of charge.

As part of the European project Houseful, TurnToo and Itec will host a workshop on circular economy in the built environment.  A journey through the construction workflow to discover where digital technology can serve as an enabler to improve the circularity of materials, the building, and the entire process.

Experts from TurnToo (The Netherlands) and ITeC (Spain) will guide a debate on topics such as the circular economy, Life-Cycle Analysis, Circular Material Databases, and Material Passports.

Discover the Agenda

14:00 -14:05 Welcome

14:05-14:10  Circular Economy Strategies in Construction (Sabine Oberhuber, Turntoo)

14.10-14:15   Construction value chain – challenges for circularity in the Houseful project  (Tommaso Giomi, ITeC)

14:15-14:30  Demonstration TCQi/Database and the importance of digital models (Jose Lucas, ITeC)

14:30-14:45  First Q&A on presentation

14:45-15:00  Demonstration of Madaster Passport and its use in the Houseful project (Richard Greil, Turntoo)

15:00-15:15   Second Q&A

15:15-15:30   Final discussion

This online workshop will be moderated by Diego Giuliani, a journalist from EURONEWS and ICONS editorial manager.

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Get to know the hosts


The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology Foundation – ITeC is a private, non-profit organization. Founded in 1978, the institute has been researching, designing, and developing technological products and services for the construction sector ever since. The institution supports the building industry on a global scale. It is based on collaborative systems and a whole-building lifecycle approach, driving the sector’s current transformation thrusts: Sustainability, Digitization, and Industrialization.


Turntoo was founded in 2010 with the mission to facilitate the transition to a circular economy. The team assists companies and institutions in the development and implementation of circular business models and management strategies. Turntoo is known for breakthrough innovations such as the Light-as-a-Service (Circular Lighting) model developed with Philips Lighting, which have become iconic projects for the circular economy. Turntoo regards the necessary transformation taking place on four levels: the design of products and supply chains; the financial and business models involved; the data and IT infrastructure supporting the transition and the mental transformation leading to a new way of thinking.