HOUSEFUL’s solutions will be demonstrated in four buildings with the aim to validate their technical, environmental, social, economic and regulatory feasibility. The buildings are: “El bloc dels Mestres” and “La Grípia” in Spain, and “Baumgartenstrasse” and “Donaufelderstrasse” in Austria.

The buildings were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Spatial/geographical distribution;
  • Differences in social, cultural and current practices on housing;
  • Differences in national regulations regarding construction and refurbishment;
  • Common European building archetypes, scale and number of dwellers per building;
  • Climate differences;
  • Common challenges shared by construction companies, related professionals and regional/national housing agencies.

Moreover, three of the considered buildings are social housing buildings, since one of HOUSEFUL’s objectives is to demonstrate solutions capable of improving the circularity level of low-income buildings.