Sant Quirze

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Three blocks of residential units constructed in 2002

Sant Quirze

The building is located in Sant Quirze del Vallès, close to Barcelona (Spain). It was constructed in 2002 and it consists of 30 residential units of rental social houses distributed in 3 blocks. The building is U-shaped, and by January 2020, the 30 residential units were occupied.

As a result of a study of the building’s construction pathologies, the diagnosis of the problems gave issues consisting in infiltrations in roofs, facades and floors as well as malfunctioning of the solar thermal system for the Domestic Hot Water (DHW). The facades of the 3 blocks are in high need of refurbishment. The property (INCASOL) and the Houseful’s partner AHC have proposed a general rehabilitation of the enveloping.

HOUSEFUL will provide an advance in this building circularity by offering solutions for its calculation.New methodology for the analysis of building circularity (S1), as well as new methodologies for stakeholder engagement (S2), co-creation of innovative solutions on materials (S3, S4), water (S5 in a minimum of 4 homes), waste (S9) and energy resources (S10).