Els Mestres

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The so-called teachers’ block (“El bloc dels Mestres”) is a residential building built in the early sixties.

Els Mestres

The building consists of eight residential floors with two flats per floor and is located in Sabadell (Spain, approximately 20 km North of Barcelona). It is adjacent to an educational centre (the current Joan Sallarès i Pla school) and was initially intended as a teachers’ residence. The building has become increasingly disused over recent years and all 16 flats need deep refurbishment.

The refurbishment project foresees the following actions: building envelope refurbishment with insulated façade; solar thermal systems; maintenance of current size and distribution; use as rented social housing for large families at risk of social exclusion.

HOUSEFUL will provide an advance in this building circularity by offering solutions for its calculation (S1), offering new methodologies for stakeholder engagement (S2) and co-creation of innovative solutions on materials (S3, S4), water (S5 in a minimum of 8 homes), waste (S7, S8, S9) and energy resources (S10, S11).