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Holistic solutions

HOUSEFUL offers stakeholders of the housing sector an innovative holistic model as an integrated services, replicable to other residential buildings.

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Materials solutions

In accordance to the recent European policy initiatives promoting the construction and refurbishment of buildings in a resource efficient way, HOUSEFUL will implement a circular approach in the use and disposal of construction materials.

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Water solutions

The housing sector accounts annually for 33% of water consumption. With the aid of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) water can be recycled and reused in domestic environments.

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Waste solutions

“Construction and demolition” is one of the five priority areas to be tackled in the context of the European circular economy. Its principles allow for the implementation and incorporation of waste management into economically viable and sustainable solutions that convert retrofit investments from a liability into an asset.

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Energy solutions

At European level, the housing sector is responsible for the consumption of about 40% of available energy, especially due to the low renovation rate of existing buildings. As a consequensce, much of the EU building stock is in need of renovation, with more than 40% of it built before 1960 and 90% before 1990.