First approach of the BCM Methodology and implementation in theoretical scenarios

PDF 2.17 MB - 19 Oct 2022

This report lays out a novel methodology to evaluate the degree of Circularity and compliance of CE principles in the housing sector. 


Social perceptions and beliefs in circular economy at building scale (first version)

PDF 2.68 MB - 19 Oct 2022

The aim of this deliverable is to analyze the specific factors influencing behavior and the choice-making structures of people and the potential social risks and the barriers affecting the successful demonstration of the proposed HOUSEFUL solutions as new services.


Existing market circularity solutions and products

PDF 3.02 MB - 19 Oct 2022

This deliverable collects the desk research on existing market circularity solutions within the scope related to the project, focused on energy and water consumption, the use of materials, and the production of waste within the building sector for residential use. 


Report on end-users requirements and Circular Economy Business Opportunities on residential buildings

PDF 1.03 MB - 19 Oct 2022

This deliverable outlines the results of a consultation process carried out to stakeholders of the housing value chain with the aim to identify which are the requirements that increase end-users’ satisfaction when defining the methodology for evaluating the circularity level of residential buildings.



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