Report on financial schemes and funding opportunities for all Front-runner buildings and replication activities – Public version

PDF 3.88 MB - 12 Dec 2023

This report serves as a guide to followers on the sorts of funding opportunities that may exist for them at the local, national, and international levels. It also critically assesses these funding opportunities, and provides related policy recommendations. It looks at broad funding structures, which are common across most, if not all, EU member states.


Best practices book

PDF 4.67 MB - 01 Aug 2023

This best practices book highlights the main lessons learned by Houseful’s Partners in developing and implementing the solutions in the 4 demo buildings.

Moreover, the best practices book contains twenty of the policy recommendations developed by HOUSEFUL and a brief overview of just some of the funding opportunities that exist.


Houseful, looking ahead

16 Jun 2023

Houseful’s online final event provides two sessions to share the knowledge, the experiences acquired over 5 years while developing and implementing 11 circular solutions in the housing sector. Organized by LEITAT, Housing Europe and ICONS, it also hosted two institutional panelists: Milo Fiasconaro, Executive director at  Aqua Publica Europea, and Christophe Sykes, General director at Construction Products Europe.

From Waste to Resource: renewables, better soil health, and circular solutions to cut GHGs

16 Jun 2023

This webinar, hosted by Homebiogas, aims to explain how the production of biogas from organic waste benefits both society and the planet.


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