Houseful Workshop Series | Housing of tomorrow: a circular look at energy rehabilitation

Project's updates - 21 Nov 2022

AIGUASOL, alongside other national experts in the building and energy sector, will demonstrate the importance of circularity in the construction industry, with a specific focus on energy rehabilitation. The event will future sustainable catering and is completely free for charge.

As part of the Houseful project, AIGUASOL will host a workshop focused on circular solutions for energy rehabilitation in the building sector.

In particular, during this face-to-face workshop, some national experts will discuss the applications of circularity in buildings, existing business models and feasibility, as well as innovative solutions.

Discover the Agenda

9:30h-10h. Meet & Cheers. Welcome coffee and drinks for everyone.

●   Presentation of the event –  Carolina Carbó, Manager of Construction Technology – LEITAT

10:10h-11h. Block 1: Innovative technical solutions in energy rehabilitation. 

●      Introduction to the Circularity in building – Sonia Llorens, Director in Càtedra d’Economia Circular i Sostenibilitat del Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme (UPF)

●      Frameworks of circularity in building – Toni Herena, Project Manager – AIGUASOL

○      Levels, EU Taxonomy, U Taxonomy, Certifications, Circularity Methodologies

●      Solutions of energetic rehabilitation of envelopes – Olga Barrachina and Toni Herena, Project Managers – AIGUASOL

○      Experiences of innovation projects (4RinEU, PLUG’n HARVEST, HOUSEFUL)

●      Energy monitoring, Reports, and KPIS – Carlos Larraz, Researcher – LEITAT

○      Into operation monitoring service: consumptions, comfort, etc.

●      Q&A

11:00 h- 11:20 (Circular Break)

11:30 h- 12:30: Implementation of circular business models in the value chain of energy rehabilitation.

●      Circular business models and services for energy refurbishment – Arnau González, Project Technician – AIGUASOL)

○      FaaS, Models de PPP, PPS, etc.

●      Challenges of implementing energy rehabilitation solutions in social housing Inés Fàbregas, External Action Architect – Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya

●      Q&A

●      Round table discussion: challenges for a circular value chain and success cases – Moderated by AIGUASOL

○      David Martínez, Sustainability Director – Construcía. 

○      Àngel Estévez, Architect, Project Coordinator and Rector Council member- Sostre Cívic

○      Fernando Aranda, Innovation and knowledge committee expert – Incasol.