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Project's updates - 02 Mar 2020

The first set of co-creation workshops organised by the European project HOUSEFUL is right behind the corner: join Spanish and Austrian stakeholders in the housing sector and contribute to the design of more circular and sustainable buildings

The EU-funded project HOUSEFUL has launched its first series of co-creation workshops. The workshops will take place in March 2020 at the four project demosites located in Sabadell and Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona area, Spain) and Vienna and Fehring (Austria). The events will involve relevant local stakeholders in the housing sector such as construction companies, architects, engineers, technological and product suppliers, housing agencies, policy makers, academia and citizens in the co-design of the HOUSEFUL circular solutions.

The co-creation process carried out by HOUSEFUL is based on findings and insights from a number of social analyses. It consists of engagement activities and a knowledge sharing process through both online (web-access, online events, etc.) and offline (the workshops, based on face-to-face interactions) processes. See the HOUSEFUL call-to-action video (also available in Spanish, Catalan and German) for more information on the goals of the workshops and visit the following pages to register and join the workshops:

Watch the HOUSEFUL co-creation workshop (also available in Spanish, Catalan and German)


Circular buildings are rapidly becoming a fundamental component of modern and future urban contexts. Their importance is motivated by the high resource consumption and environmental impact experienced in the housing sector. Due to its current linear approach, at EU level this sector is responsible for 9% of the GDP while using half of the extracted materials, consuming 40% and 30% of final energy and water respectively, and producing one third of total EU waste.

HOUSEFUL is a four-and-half year-long project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. Its main goal is to boost circularity in the housing sector. This will be done by implementing 11 innovative solutions as services, aimed at the efficient management of materials, waste, water and energy along the entire housing value chain. These services will be demonstrated in four demo-sites in Spain and Austria.

A second and third round of HOUSEFUL co-creation workshops will take place at the project demosites in June and November 2020, respectively.

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