Validating the Houseful ideas, co-creatively

Project's updates - 14 Dec 2022

During the final co-creation workshop, our stakeholders put their heads together to validate the strategies for implementing the co-creation-ideas.

In early November, the HOUSEFUL partners Neues Leben and WE&B organized the third (and last!) co-creation workshop.

Its objective was to involve stakeholders in validating the co-creation ideas of the HOUSEFUL project, to better understand the implications of applying circular solutions on a day-to-day basis, and to identify needs and barriers relating to their incorporation. During this workshop three co-creation ideas were discussed in the demo building at Donaufelder Straße 115:

  • Communication – key messages for future communication on HOUSEFUL solutions.
  • Governance – Means to promote the participation of actors in the HOUSEFUL solutions.
  • Aesthetics – The principles of aesthetics for circular HOUSEFUL solutions.

Participants of the workshop included a variety of representatives: from housing associations to technicians, designers, and consultants.

The discussion was very lively and full of great inputs on the strengths, opportunities, and concerns about the co-creation-ideas and led to further results. For example, how to address stakeholders with results was discussed and there should be a focus on increasing know-how and functionality. In the end, the demo building was visited, and a very informative day finished.

The participants validated the current state of the implementation. However, most of the tasks to implement the co-creation ideas, like the elaboration of a policy brief with governance recommendations, will be carried out at the end of the project. The participants are looking forward to seeing the complete implementation of the valuable co-creation ideas so that they can assess the results.


Photo Credits: Neues Leben