Webinar Series | From Waste to Resource: renewables, better soil health, and circular solutions to cut GHGs

Press releases - 29 Mar 2023

This webinar, hosted by Homebiogas, aims to explain how the production of biogas from organic waste benefits both society and the planet.

As a part of the Houseful project, the Consortium partner Homebiogas hosted a webinar on waste solutions applied to the building sector.

The webinar demonstrated how the technology minimizes methane emissions and waste transportation, contributing to a Net Zero world. It also emphasized the company’s sustainable approach, highlighting waste as a valuable resource.

The discussion was moderated by Diego Giuliani, a journalist from Euronews and ICONS editorial manager.

Discover the Agenda (All times in CEST)

15.00 – 15.05: Welcoming address

15.05 – 15.10: Introduction to the webinar

15:10-15.25: Organic Waste as a Resource and Renewable Energy Production: Circular Solutions to cut GHGs

15:30-15:40:  Biofertilizers and Bio-Stimulants: Cultivating Healthier Soils and Securing our Food Future

15:40-15:55: Q&A

15:55-16:00: Event closing

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Get to know our panelists

Julia Chudnobsky

She is an environmental and sanitary engineer working as the Sustainability and Carbon Officer at HomeBiogas. She leads the Impact Area of the company, mainly including the Environmental, Social, and Governance Report and carbon certification projects. Discover more information on her LinkedIn profile.

Yair Teller

He is a sustainability entrepreneur and visionary, with a focus on empowering underserved communities worldwide. As co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Biogas, he is an established expert in domestic biogas systems, delivering frequent lectures at prestigious institutions worldwide. Here his LinkedIn profile.