The first solution proposed is based on the development of a Building Circular Methodology (BCM) to calculate the circularity level of residential buildings through all stages of the housing value chain. The tool combines different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to energy, water, waste and material resources.

The SaaS platform will also offer a Circularity Tool to quantify the circularity level of residential buildings. Users will be able to work with data and calculation methods at two defined levels: a first level (free access) with clear and adapted KPIs (such as water reuse, total primary energy demand, share of renewable energies, etc.) and outputs, and a second level (a pay per use) with oriented results. Different types of interventions will be suggested to enhance the circularity of the building, with their effect being quantified.

The tool could also be integrated into Building Integrated Modelling (BIM) software and be used during the building design phase (See Service 3).

Circularity Assessment