Optimal management of waste at the end of building life cycle

Solution 9 offers an analysis of maximum recovery and valorization potential of existing materials in buildings (i.e. envelope, facade, etc) at refurbishment or demolition stages.

The solution provides with demolition guides to guarantee safety management of waste streams. Within Houseful, this service will be delivered to stakeholders as an expertise (customer service), focused on Design for Disassembly (DfD) principles. DfD principles shape buildings’ new design with an increased longevity by enhancing renovation potential. It uses simple and modular building structures and systems during the construction phase to facilitate the dismantling process.

The solution includes the selection of safety procedures for disassembly and reuse of non-hazardous materials in construction elements, aiming to achieve a potential reduction in 30% of CDW currently produced during building dismantling/demolition. The DfD will ensure materials are easily reused through the use of non-hazardous and durable materials. Thus, DfD service allows an easier maintenance, repair, recovery and reuse of components and materials that still have economic value for reuse in other buildings.

The users of the service will have the possibility to know the potential of recovery of the elements/components of the building. For this purpose, ITeC will identify the information corresponding to the end-of-life stage (C1-C4) from a digital model.  This information will be compatible with the required Houseful circularity platform.

Optimal management of waste at the end of building life cycle