This solution is focused on sourcing more than 50 types of building materials (existing or new commercial products) from secondary material platforms, databases and/or local producers, contributing to debate about quality, origin and potential material reuse at local scale.

The search will be focused on EU certified products including technical and environmental specifications clearly contrasted, allowing the complete material characterisation and calculation of potential building impact along the overall buildings’ value chain – manufacturing, design, construction, use and demolition phase.

Results from this search will be included in a “Circular materials database”. The database itself will not include only certified products (wood, steel, etc.), but also cost and supply conditions linked to these products. Some of these (more circular) products will be widely defined and detailed for potential use in Frontrunner buildings such as those contributing to the improvement of energy efficiency or other, like paints, contributing to the improvement of indoor and outdoor air quality.

In HOUSEFUL, the analysis of potential use of certified building material will be essential for the improvement of building circularity. This will also facilitate the potential modelling of building characteristics and the successful KPI quantification for impact analysis. Results can provide new circular business opportunities at local scale.

Searching local building material