A cross-cutting solution, offered to stakeholders as a service will provide capacity development activities for co-creation of new circular business opportunities to stakeholders in current housing value chain.

Currently, most of the housing sector businesses are lacking understanding to develop products or services in a circular approach and to uptake solutions. The co-creation process will address the variety of levels of acceptance from the political perspective, the community perspective and particularly, at the individual perspective of households and tenants in terms of the attitude and behavioral response or to the implementation and adoption of the HOUSEFUL solutions.

Social innovation activities offered by this service include the analysis of drivers, enablers and barriers driving stakeholder decisions and behaviours. Although the same research question is proposed, the empirical approach will differ from the context variation of each demo sites, specifically at individual level of end-users (tenants and householders).

Based on the findings and insights from the previous social and psychological analysis, a definition of engagement activities and a knowledge sharing process will be based on online (web-access, online events, etc.) and offline sharing process based on face to face interactions (in a form of workshops). In this sense, stakeholders will take part in the process of knowledge exchange aiming at fostering business and social innovation towards a circular economy.

Social engagement for co-creation