Currently, most of the housing sector businesses are lacking understanding to develop products or services in a circular approach and to uptake solutions. The co-creation process will address the variety of levels of acceptance from the political perspective, the community perspective and particularly, at the individual perspective of households and tenants in terms of the attitude and behavioural response or to the implementation and adoption of the HOUSEFUL solutions.

The second service proposed by HOUSEFUL is a cross-cutting solution, offered to stakeholders as a social engagement service, consisting in offering capacity development activities for co-creation of new circular economy opportunities to the quadruple helix stakeholders (public institutions, private organizations, academia and citizens) in the current housing value chain, including investors

Social innovation activities offered by this service include a continuous social analysis action of drivers, enablers and barriers driving stakeholder decisions and behaviors when it comes to circular economy solutions. The engagement activities offered to the 4 buildings where HOUSEFUL solutions will be demonstrated are based in a co-creation map that result from the previous analysis. This co-creation roadmap is based in three type of workshops: 1) co-creation workshops based in back-casting exercises, technical workshops, and training sessions with stakeholders. Additionally, the create effective communication, the service will include the organisation of study tours to the Frontrunner buildings. The service will moreover provide an online platform integrated with the other software developed by Houseful in order to support and facilitate the social engagement process.


Social engagement for co-creation